Tubotec is a company operating in the sector since 2001, born from the consolidated experience gained by the management in previous activities, which has grown and developed over the years thanks to proven professionalism and the trust granted by various Italian and European clients, operating in very diverse product sectors.

In 2022, the company was acquired by a financial investment company led by entrepreneurs from the Northeast with relevant industrial experience who aimed to create a pool of companies in sectors with high growth potential.

Bringing in the experience of managerial figures from multinationals will give new impetus to the initial business idea.
All this is a greater guarantee for Customers who will have in Tubotec a modern partner with a willingness to invest in business development and new business relationships.


In a highly competitive and evolving market, subjected to sudden fluctuations due to the economic contingent scenario, Tubotec is a dynamic partner, that copes and satisfies the demands of the customers. These are in fact our key features:

• Technical expertise and project support.
• Formulation of technical constructive solutions, tailored on clients’ needs.
• Fast answers for the formulation of offers.
• Prototyping in short time.
• Maximum production flexibility in terms of quantity and type of product.
• Punctuality and respect of deliveries.
• Competitive pricing.
• Efficient and motivated Team.

Our mission is the customer’s full satisfaction, because he is the one that determines the growth and development of our company.
Every customer is very important for us: that is why we guarantee maximum reliability in the business relationship and strong punctuality in all our services.
Today, this way of operate has been appreciated by many of our customers and has led us to steadily grow both technologically and numerically, consolidating our position in the market.


Via dell’Olmo, 37/1
33030 Varmo (UD) – Italia

Telefono:+39 0432 825069 R.A.
Telefax  : +39 0432 825826

Technical-commercial Department:
Administrative Office:
Production Department:
Sales Departmen:,

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